Everyone leaves, can we stay?

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Everyone leaves, can we stay?

Diciembre 11 - Diciembre 12

“The last enemy to overcome is death,” said Jesus.

Through this workshop, we are moving more and more into an issue that for so many beings turns out to be a taboo, death and its associated dynamics. How is it that we ignore the great opportunity that is presented to us in these times? How we can finally free ourselves of the fears and ignorance that we have associated with death?
“Everyone leaves, can we stay?”

-The Atomic Box and the 7 levels of creative interaction.
-The memory of the origin and the great trauma called “Death”.
-Program of defence and fear of the original trauma.
-Different forms of getting in and out of the creative stage.
-Devachanic states, reincarnation and Ascension.

Requiriment: Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland Seminar


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