Happiness as destiny of the Being

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Happiness as destiny of the Being

Agosto 28 - Agosto 29

Our nature is to be Happy. Expressing happiness, without doubt, is the legacy of every human. However, immersed in old habits, life after life, we nurture the belief that suffering and limitation are a reality.

Fresia identifies fear as the enemy to overcome. Those who banish fear of their day, will create a new kingdom, a new state. To do this she teaches what she calls “back-up tricks”, which you can use in your life, helping greatly to maintain control of yourself.

Since our return home has been full of creative adventures, some of which have generated pain and trauma, Fresia teaches how to access our records, identifying what, having been recognized and healed, will allow us to take a quantum leap towards the freedom of our Being.

The state of happiness, which expresses the pure nature of the Energy Being that we are, is sustained as a result of our correct and repeated creative successes. Here the extraordinary becomes routine. By being happy we managed to lead others to this same state.

Surely this workshop will provide valuable tools for self-mastery of our true self, where the way back is guided from above with an invisible thread, showing the exit door to return home.


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United Kingdom