Knowing Love

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Knowing Love

Febrero 20 - Febrero 21

What is love? A feeling?, a desire?, a fluid? Is there really the Perfect Love?, Why are we tirelessly looking for our other half, the other part of ourselves? Nobody seeks what is unknown…

The true goal of spiritual evolution is not in the union of opposites but in the absence of them. Science and spirit, through the words of Fresia, give answers to the enigmas of loving yourself, our partners, whom we decide to love.

If you have big questions about love, about your ability to love, about the conflicts that love relationships can generate, about loneliness, why you can not find your perfect partner, if you have concerns about the loving management of family relationships, about wanting to have better relationships with your co-workers, your friends and above all about who you are, what your role is and why it is so important to express LOVE for the future of the planet, then this workshop is for you.


Online, England
United Kingdom


Verónica Sánchez