Opulence, the next step

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Opulence, the next step

Octubre 23 - Octubre 24

Opulence is taught as a practical tool for TODAY. The opportunity to manifest greater abundance in your every day life. The absence of necessity.

You have never been closer to living without distress, and to the opportunity to have the optimal conditions for a full life. This workshop provides you with the tools to do this.

The law of precipitation is within the reach of our hand; knowing the keys to it’s application is the topic of this workshop. The spiral and the labyrinth are the tools that will support your self mastery skills. Likewise you will learn to dream, which is the active principle of precipitation to the physical form.

By knowing the essential keys that will allow this harmonious change and by putting them into practice, you will have the answers that will give you the complete assurance that opulence is possible.

The very conditions in which humans finds themselves today have released these original keys that will give the answer of the harmonious relationship of our being with its habitat, as a natural reaction according to the immutable laws of equilibrium that govern our system.


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United Kingdom