The Musical Being and the Wisdom of Gesture

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The Musical Being and the Wisdom of Gesture

Noviembre 20, 2021 - Noviembre 21, 2021

“The Music is seen and the Colour is heard”

Recovering our memories, the lighting of our physical body and putting it at the service of greater creative processes through the wisdom of the gesture, are the main tools that this workshop gives us.

In this workshop we have access to the information of the origin through a synthesis that is achieved from sound, rhythm and movement. The Energy Being prepares to open its memories by integrating the great instrument through which it can express and manifest itself in this field: its physical body. Knowing it, can lead to creative manifestations of transformation, if the Laws that guard the creative aspects of our energy being and its interaction with the whole and Superior creation are accomplished.

All sacred dances or those representing a tradition or folklore, when executed will produce in the participant an energetic alignment based on the deep intention of the rite, and this can be achieved by the participants only if they know the reason of each movement and accompany these movements with the elevation of voltage, the power of attention and the feeling of acceptance.


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